PS2 Backup Problems


I am having problems creating PS2 backups on my system using Alcohol 120%:

XP Pro, 1gb RAM, Plextor 708a dvd writer.

I can image the DVD ok, burn the DVD ok (I have tried 2 brands of DVD-R media, Traxdata and an unbranded) each written at differrent speeds including 1x but still no success. My PS2 goes to the red/pink screen with the msg ‘insert a plystation or playstation 2 format disc’ and the game will not boot.

I have tried updating my DVD writer firmware, changing write speeds and changing the media…I am stuck!

Is there a possibility the image is not correct? I have tried ‘simulate’ but its not that the disc is not writing just not reading.

I am now thinking it’s my PS2…how can I prove this? Also,

  1. Is there a way to change the speed I read the disc when making the image?

  2. Is it only a certain type of chipped PS2 that runs DVD backups? (it runs backup CD’s perfect…).

  3. Is it possible both brands of DVD-R are not compatible with my PS2?

Your skill and experience would be greatly apreciated in helping me sort this problem…it’s driving me nutts!!!

Please help…

Thanks in advance,

Try using more different media, for instance verbatim

well, im assuming you know that in order to get a “backed up” ps2 game to work you need to insert disk, turn off power (or hold the reset button until the light turns red, then turn on playstation using the reset button again. Basically use the top button to play and only use the bottom button to load. I had similar problems and kinda found this out on my own. Hope it helps, if not…i have the same burner and i used a dvd+r from plextor, they will start mass producing that media for sale in about 2 weeks. I called them about the media and was told it was either verbatim or ricoh made.

how old is your PS2?

pretty old…i dont know at least year and a half if not more

I am having a similar problem, recenlty installed a magic v chip, seemed like i did it right, ps2 plays all real copies fine, but recenlty tried to use a backup using dvd decrypter and no go, same pink screen, i followed loading instructions, but nuttin. any help out there?

I have the answer…

Some Chips (older ones mainly) can only play CD backups not DVD. After trying multiple media types on several brands they ALL now work great, both DVD-R and DVD+. I found all this out on my crazy journey on the Web.

I would recomend:

  1. Chip your machine with a Messiah 2.

  2. Create the image and backup using Alcohol 120%. If the game is protected with CSS (but it won’t be as only a small amount of games in Asia are using CSS protection) then use DVD decrypter (you’ll be fine using Alcohol).

  3. Use Verbatim DVD-R media (to be on the safe side as DVD-R can be more widely read). Did you know DVD-R i s the writable version of DVD-ROM? So, when you create a backup it will be the same format as PS2 DVD original games.

If you follow this I’m sure you’ll have success…I will watch this topic incase you need more advice…good luck my friend, bu you won’t need it!