Ps2 backup game problems... help!

um yeah hi!

well i got a ps2 with a chip, i backup my games all the time but ive recently had problems with 2 of the games i tried to backup.

Final Fantasy XII i backed up onto a dvd-r same with tony hawks project 8. i burnt them about a month ago and ive lost the originals by mistake of course. ive looked everywhere for them and cant find them… and now all ive got is these two backed up disks that dont work…

firstly is it still legal to have the backup versions if ive lost the originals. and secondly what can i do to get the backups working?

ps. please help please with a cherry on the top

Nah dude, not legal.
I wonder why you put two images on one dvd-r. You could try extracting the data with Isobuster for instance.

um na i didnt burn them on one disk. 2 different ones lol

how u copy ps2 discs
plz tell me