Ps2 back ups

I am trying to make a back up of one of my original PS2 games. Its DVD format. I copy DVD to DVD with no errors whatsoever using Prassi but the game wont play. I am using NEOKEY and Regionx. The screen just stays black when I boot it. I have backed one of my originals that is CD format no problems at all. Does the PS2 have a problem with certain DVD brands or is it protection? I also have one on CD with same problem but different CD brand again. Is it cheap disks (mind you the failed CD is pioneer branded). Any help appreciated as spending £45 a game I feel a back up is a must. TIA.:confused:

Are you using the swap trick?

I am using DVD regionx. I insert the regionx wait till the menu appears swap the disk and with cd based back ups the game starts. With DVD ones it doesnt. I have been told that I need AR2 and a boot disk of some sort???

Check out console gaming world. They hae some good tutorals.

Also, which model of PS2 do you have?

The fourth release makes it very hard to swap.

hi there
i know that you cannot boot a dvd back up with a neo 2.2
so it may be the same for the neokey
would advise upgrading to a matrix or messiah or the best chip on the market is a dms3

hi again
action replay version 2.2 (i think it is)
is a lot better than dvd region x at booting games)
think they are only around £15 now from most stockist

in response in your earlier thread
you would use the action replay 2 instead of the dvd region x