PS2 Back up

This may be an old or maybe a stupid question. Does anyone know if it is possible to make a playable back up of a ps2 game without modifying the system itself? due to the high cost of the games i would like to make back ups that way the originals wont get to badly damaged. thanks all.

hmmm… i dont think you can make a backup work with a normal dvd burner and normal media without a mod chip, however i think i heard from somebody a while back that you can buy special black ps2 media to write on, and play from that without a mod chip, try google to see if you can get it, you could also try using a boot disc, i have heard that by loading some stuff onto a memory card and starting the game up in a funny way you can get it to work, but i think that modchips are probibly your best option.

  • ben :slight_smile:

Well thank you for your advice, i have found the cd’s you were talking about, do you happen to know if they also make dvd’s likt that as well? i have looked in to the boot loader disks but many of them require you to force open the cd tray so you can switch out the disks without having the system dump the info in the memory. well thanks again, i will keep looking around the net.

yeh… boot disks where a way used by “hackers” before mod chips, i think you can still get them on the p2p’s, not sure if all of them work, but they may be worth a try.

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there are only two ways to play a backup on your ps2.

1.) a modchip ( would suggest DMS 3 Plus )
2.) swap magic (think it´s the bootloader you meant)

if you don´t want to modify your ps2, you can also buy a modified with 2 years warranty.

Well then I guess I need to get good at soldering, and pick myself up a mod-chip, it will save me money in the long run. At lest then I wouldent have to re buy any of my games when they get well used.
Load & play games from hd
Backups can be installed with a little maneuvering.