PS2 and blank media

Ok Im hoping to get some insight from other users here. Im tryin to findsome good media for backng up my PS2s. Ive tried Memorex which my PS2 wont even read. Ive tried Staples brand which my PS2 will read smetimes but for the most part takes forever to load and read. I have had some luck with Fuji and Verbatem brands but dont like paying 50 bucks+ for a spindle. Has anyone had the same problems I have, or does anyone have a favorite brand?Also any links for good places to get blank media would be awesome.
Thank you in advance. :confused:

Memorex and Staples aren’t good media, they are mostly B-grade.
Fuji (Made in Japan) and Verbatim (Made in Taiwan, CMC flavor) are good. Watch the Bargain Basement!

Sony media is the best for compatability on a PS2. Even thought it’s not the best media out there.

I’ve had partial success with Verbatims on a PS2. Taiyo Yudens also work well on a PS2 aswell.

You might want to let us know what speeds you’ve been burning at and also whether you’re attempting to boot up -R or +R discs.

I burn all my stuff at 1X speed, I figure I’d rather spend the extra time on a burn than waste it on a re-burn. And I’ve been using DVD-Rs. Thank you for the couple replies I’ve gotten already.

Answer to your problems.

I partially agree with scoobiedoobie. 1x burn speed is too extreme.

I’d recommend you burn at least at 4x burn speed.

Also, what model of PS2 do you have? Is it one of the older ones or is it one of the newer slimline models?

Ill try to up the speed of my burn to 4X. I have the older model. It works great with real PS2 games but like I said with the backups it just spins and spins with very little progress. I’ve also noticed that during cinimatics it likes to freeze up and loop the sound so it sounds like a skipping cd. Now that the speed thing was mentioned Im thinking that that is going to be part of the problem. Some of my older backups on other brands were burned at max speed (16X I think) play fine on the system. I just wrote the whole thing off to crappy media. Thanks for pointing that out scoobiedoobie.

Media is supposed to be burned at its rated speed. (Exception: 16x media may perform better at 12x or 8x, but 8x media should be burned at 8x and 4x media at 4x…)

I use taiyo yudens for my ps2 backups burnt at X8 and they work excellently. I have a older model ps2 a V5 i think.