PS2 ain't working

Hy there,

I’m new on this, so I’ll tell you my steps:

  • DVD Decripter - Files - save to disk

  • DVD2One - movie only - 6h … and some legends selected

  • Put all files into VIDEO_TS directory

  • Burn the DVD with the directory

  • In the pc works fine.

  • On the PS2 it tells that is a wrong cd. Don’t know why. With DVDXCopy works fine.

Any sugestions?


How are you burning it ? i.e.what software, what speed, what media etc.

I’m using Nero software.

  • Compile a dvd
  • Put the VIDEO_TS directory in it
  • Burn at 2.4x

I’ve got a Sony DRU-500AX recorder with the latest firmware update.


It could be that you are using an older version of Nero, which had some DVD compliancy issues.

If so, download the latest version (bugs now fixed) and try again., using the wizard.

The PC and some PS2’s are less choosy about format, so this may well solve your problem.

If I remember right DVDXCopy has an inbuilt burning proggie, so that might be why these are ok.