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Hi guys, I’m an Italian newbie user, here’s -> my presentation. As I stated in my post, I’m looking for help about ripping PS1 games. I use CloneCD, is there any guides I can follow to copy properly an original PS1 disc (I mean with all subchannel data, libcrypt and so on)?:rolleyes:

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Sorry, but i don’t know the proper CCD profile settings anymore.
I’m pretty sure you can find them if you browse some older threads here in the forum.

If you’re fine with that, you can also use the free Alcohol 52% FE:
There you can select a ‘Playstation’ profile in Image Creation Wizard.
You can also select the CCD image file format in a drop down menu if you don’t want the standard MDS image format of Alcohol.

Be attentive during setup so you don’t accidently install any 3rd party recommendation (toolbars etc.) !

First of all, thanks for the reply Terramex, I thought this forum’s section was dead, threads date at may 2013 or even earlier, so I believed no one visit this place anymore. Your post is surely reassuring!:bigsmile:

So you suggest me to install Alcohol 52%, but I already use DAEMON Tools Lite… wouldn’t it be a problem, would it? Besides, with that profile will I get a 1:1 copy of my original discs?

At least it’s as good as it gets.

A perfect (burned) 1:1 copy of PS1 media just isn’t possible - which means you always need a modchip or some kind of exploit to run backups in the PS1.

btw. do you want to burn these images, or use an emulator ?

P.S…: no, no conflict between Alcohol and DT

I have to rip my own original discs to play them on an emulator, [B]ePSXe[/B]… I don’t know if you have ever heard it. There are “precious” games, like the first [I]Final Fantasy[/I] or [I]Silent Hill[/I], which I’d avoid to use the original disc, and use their copy to play instead.

I hope I made myself clear. Sorry if my English isn’t perfect.:o

if you a planning to make a backup and burning to cdr to play in a chipped console you need BIN+CUE format as most ps1 games have some sort of protection you will need to get patches and most were made for BIN format, back <2000 we used CDRWIN but you could use Imgburn to get a BIN image

PPF-O-Matic .PPF will use the BIN image from your original game disc along with a patch, lots of the patches can changed NTSC/PAL or PAL/NTSC if you have games for different regions.
you can get everything here to make your backups

but as Terramex has said already you will need to get your console chipped to play backups

tip: if you get read errors when making the image there is something wrong with the disc i.e. its badly scratched, no PS1 game was ever made with bad or unreadable blocks.

have fun.

I also thank you, Scarecrow, for your reply but no, I haven’t to make a backup of my PS1 discs to burn them and play with the console… no, I just want to make a proper copy of them to play on the emulator, using the [B]Run ISO[/B] command. I only have to make an image of them, then it will be fine.:iagree:

So I’m asking you: is there any particular guide or tutorial I can follow to backup my PS1 games using CloneCD or Alcohol 52%, as suggested by Terramex?:wink:

With proper CCD or MDS images you usually don’t need PPFs (at least as far as i remember ;)).
Apart from that, patching/removing the protection doesn’t exactly conform to our posting guidelines,
so please discuss that subject via personal message system.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

What is PPFs?:confused:

Can I ask more infos about the several items in the images (like [B]Skip reading errors[/B], [B]Data Position Measurement[/B])? Or is it against guidelines?

Those settings don’t alter the data content or even remove the protection.
So no reason why they should infringe our rules.

By choosing the Playstation datatype all setting are set correctly, don’t change them (except read speed - if you like).

As already mentioned in this thread Playstation CDs don’t have defective sectors, so nothing has to be skipped.
Also there’s no non-standard media topology, so no need for a Data Position measurement.

btw. your Alcohol image will be neither better nor worse than an image created with CloneCD (and the correct profile).

OK, got it now.:slight_smile:

Listen Terramex, by googling, I found this CloneCD’s profile ->[PSX].ccp… in the URL there is [B][/B], isn’t the old domain of this site, is it? Don’t you know anything?

[QUOTE=Matteo91;2716237]OK, got it now.:slight_smile:

Listen Terramex, by googling, I found this CloneCD’s profile ->[PSX].ccp… in the URL there is [B][/B], isn’t the old domain of this site, is it? Don’t you know anything?[/QUOTE]
Apparently not, haha. :p:flower: [and that profile is correct for backing up psx games with CloneCD though, as stated by all above, a mod chip is needed to play on a console].

Btw, as Scarecrow pointed out, if anyone out there still has some old psx games they want to back up, if you get read errors it means that the disc is scratched. However, if you customize the reading profile for either alcohol or CloneCD so as to ignore the read errors and then burn the image back to a blank cd (allowing the burning app to correct the unreadable sectors), you will often find that the copy will work (in a mod-chipped console) even if the original no longer does.

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[QUOTE=philamber;2716853]^ Thanks for your good wishes. It’s been about a year. ;)[/QUOTE]

But great to see you’re still around after all that time…:iagree: