PS1 backups, I got screwed!

I recently bought a gamehunter pro cd version

to play my burned ps1 games

i bought these burn ps1’s on south america im sure these cds are ntsc

they are a copy of the game captain tsubasa j: get into the dream

i also bought a ps1 sony scph-5501 ntsc___ u/c

the ps1 reads the gamehunter pro and when i put the game is says start with mod so i press start and the screen goes in a big white start but it doesn’t play. This game worked in peru with the sellers ps1 system the difference was that the seller had a mod ps1 system with a chip inside. Can anybody tell me how to fix this problem?

It’s quite obvious that you bought pirated games and even admitted to it here. Now you want help, despite breaking the rules? The mods need to lock this thread.

Buy a legal copy of the game. :cop: