PS Vita memory card looking less like an option & more like a necessity



PS Vita memory card looking less like an option & more like a necessity.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Consumers expecting to walk into a game shop in February, plunk down $249 (plus tax) and walk out with Sony's whiz-bang new handheld may want to readjust their calculations. New details out of Japan reveal the proprietary PlayStation Vita memory card may not be as optional as originally thought.

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I’m not bothering… Sony just lost a potential customer by having all of these “optional” but really necessary “accessories” to really take advantage of this not cheap piece of hardware. If they want my business, how about being on the consumer’s side instead of mainly thinking of your pocket books, huh? I’m not saying give it away, but come on!


We’ve know about the PSV not having an internal memory since the day it was announced as the “NGP”. Why so surprised?
Everyone with a PSP got a memory card. Why is it suddenly a big issue now?

Most games will save within the game card with the exception of some titles (like Uncharted:GA).

BESIDES, who buys a gaming system with video, music, DLC and app functions and not take advantage of it by not getting a ($20)memory card?

At $250, the system’s pricing is definitely on the customer’s side for what it can do.
Its price was well received by media and gamers alike.
Let’s try to not be so cheap.


I not sure that it would be legal to sell the PS Vita with the requirement to by extra parts before use in the UK