PS One Query/Question


Thought I’d place these questions here (since I am new on this forum).

First thanks for the FAQ’s and various tips (on PSX etc) they are great. I spent ages reading info on this forum.

Recently my FF7 disk got destroyed (to many scratches) :frowning: and my PS 1 no longer plays them. This prompted me to learn about backing up. I bought the game again (unfortunately I could only find a 2cnd hand one) and this time backed them up.

Everything works fine; as does Vandal hearts; FF Tactics; Alundra 2 (and quite a few other RPG’s). I used the profiles from here and one other site with Clone CD. Then I came across the game below.

The problem:


Suikoden 2 - The first backup I did (Read/Write 4x - Lite-On LTR-522465 52x24x52 Burner) on DataStream CD-R (80 min / 700 mb ~ 52x ~ Silver/Gold) played the intro but when it came to the loading screen it would go nowhere (left it for 1/2 hour still no change)

I then burnt another backup this time on max (it read at 38+ it seemed to vary) and burnt around 39x popped it in the PS 1 and it worked?

I used the same media; same burner; same settings (except for the R/W speed) why would this work when I have been reading that slower speeds are better?


When a CD and/or DVD is actually burning does it burn from the inner part out to the edge or does it start on the edge and burn inwards. (Just a question for my own curiosity).


Are all PS One games protected with LibCrypt and if one is not, does it make any difference if I use the LibCrypt profile on a non LibCrypt disk?

Sorry about the long post.

Kind Regards

1 luck maybe but best to burn at slow speeds as lasers on psx1 can vary a lot…
2 inner to out
3 For psx1 use libcrypt datatype\profile for all…

Re: PS One Query/Question


1 luck maybe but best to burn at slow speeds as lasers on psx1 can vary a lot…
2 inner to out
3 For psx1 use libcrypt datatype\profile for all…

Salmun: Thank you very much for the swift reply; your answers were appreciated.

I was just curious as to why it failed on the lower settings lol. Never mind, what would you suggest is the safest speed? R/W 2x, 4x or 8x (I never go over 8x except in the above case).

DVD's (for my movies and PS2 games) I generally set it to 4x no major dramas yet.

Thanks again

Hi can anyone help me with psx downloading and burning. Heres my problem. I downloaded Yugioh Forbidden Memories it is a PAL i think. I downloaded it on bittorent. The files i got from it were mdf, and mds. But the mds though is 1 kb i do not know why. And the mdf file is 557,434 kb. I use Memorex black cd-r 48x 700 mb 80 mins. I do not know what is the problem i’ve tried making images like iso, nero image, bin, and ccd. None of them have worked for me. I have Nero the program and a trial of CDClone can anyone please just post a reply of a well explained tutorial or guide how to burn this game so i can do it and play it on my playstation i appreciate it if you do thankyou alot.