PS one gaming

My question is this, as of recent i have been doing some old school gaming. I know back in the day there were very few ways to play back up psone games mainly a mod-chip (which are hard to come by anymore). There were always rumbling of swap disks and boot cd’s but most really didnt work all that great. All the forums and pages i have searched for are mostly older pages and posts. So does anyone know if new advances in playing game back ups? i have a psone console, many games which over the years have been badly damaged. Hope fully someone will take pitty on this old school gamer and help out thanks.

Whenever i need to know anything about the Playstation series i start my search at:

If I get it right there are two problems:

  1. Badly damaged games that are to be backed up.
  2. How to play the backups.

The first problem is always a 50%-50% chance. Everything depends on the state of the discs to be backed up.

The second: a modchip. Either in your PS1 or if you buy a PS2 (it plays most of the PS1 games). And of course there are some emulators.

Go to or google it and go to the ps1 section and download pcsx1 emulator because it plays the most ps1 games

You can do it very cheap with SwapMagic or swap disc trick

Insert your original CD.

o Remove the original CD when the motor changes to 2x and replace it
with your backup CD.

[If you did this right, you SHOULD see the black PS screen now.]

o Watch and listen to the CD motor. It will slow down and then
speed back up to 2x.

o After a few seconds, the CD motor will slow down again. Replace
with your original CD once again.

o After another half second or so, the original CD will speed up again.
Finally replace your backup CD.

Or get a modchip for your ps1.

If you happen to have a psp, and modified the firmware on it (Dark Alexx M33 firmware), you can just play .iso files made straightly from the ps one discs. :slight_smile: