PS Downgrade PS3 software anonymously leaked to IRC

PS Downgrade PS3 software anonymously leaked to IRC.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Are you tempted to try out the PS Downgrade USB key, but the $40 price tag is a bit too much to handle? Thanks to an anonymous source on IRC, a free version is well on its way to becoming a reality.

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All your PS3 as belong to us :iagree:

Is anyone else worried about the potential for some serious mischief with all these hacks & cracks going on with the PS3 …

Seriously … how many TCP/IP requests per second could be sent from a compromised PS3?

How could you ever tell if your PS3 has been p8wned?
Has McAfee released Antivirus PS3 edition yet? How about Norton Antivirus PS3 edition? I haven’t seen too many spybot search & destroy updates for a PS3 yet either :stuck_out_tongue: