Ps 2 emulator

does anyone know if there is r ps 2 emulator that is not r trojan and does work or r xbox emulator

as of yet nobody has been able to emulate commericial ps2 games only homebrew games as far as i know, unless anybody can tell me different…

as for the xbox, there is one emulator for it, but i think it only plays halo, and even that doesn’t play great so i hear.

does anybody know if the gamecube emulators work, i have one but haven’t tried it on a commercial game yet only on rubbish homebrew stuff?

Can you possibly stop typing in the idiotic way that you do. What is so wrong with using the letter “a” ? Every post I have read from you substitutes the letter “r” for the letter “a”. It is annoying. I know your keyboard works since other words are spelled with an “a”.:a

If you want people to help you then try posting with the letter “a”
If you want people to put you on their ignore list because they can’t stand reading the letter “r” in wrong places, then keep it up.

Back to topic: There are no working emulators for Xbox, Ps2, and Gamecube that can play retail games. The computing power is just not available to us at the moment.

And could you please post in the right forum??? Software or Consoles or even hardware but Music downloads and legal issues??? Come on…

omfg :rolleyes: wow I am very sorry for useing r instead of an or a wow man you have something worng with u or what but anyway ty {oops thank you} for the help anyway just thoght someone my have found one that works

You gotta be kidding me. There supposedly is a PS2 emulator but the functionality is so poor that it isn’t even worth the bother. As for the XBOX and Gamecube? NO WAY!!! The XBOX has a 2048-bit encryption key and an XBOX DVD-ROM drive and mobo are the only things that can read an XBOX original disc. Good luck figuring out how to get your PC to emulate that. The GC is even trickier since they are smaller discs and to my understanding they are read backwards. You can rip them to a PC using the console but once again, getting them to run on a PC is a whole different ball game. Maybe 10-15 years down the road someone will figure it out but certainly no time in the near future.

there are emulators for the xbox that “apparently” work with halo, but poorly, but i never tried them as i think its just a load of old crap. Its a bit unfortunate in a way that they can’t be emulated, but like you said maybe down the line some clever sod will figure a way to do it, and on xbox 3 we’ll be able to emulate xbox games and ps2 games, or on the latest P6 pc or something…as for the gamecube, i now believe that the games are not read backwards, its on a thread here somewhere.

The GC has recently been hacked and there is a chip out for it but from what I understand it isn’t perfect. Anyways it is impossible for there to be any kind of XBOX emulator out there at this point. No one can crack the 2048bit encryption code that the XBOX uses (which is why you have to FTP your original discs over to the PC).

Is there an ® emulator for Vegeta’s postings?

Their is partially working PS2 emulator though it’s still early days but commercial games are booting and working with some very playable there is even a Direct-X 9 hardware accelerated plugin driver for it which gives a significant performance boost.
(There are some screenshots on the front page)

DX9 driver is here

Remember that all this stuff is still in heavy development and takes quite a bit of work to get going.

As for the xbox pc emulator, check here

Microsoft are still working on there xbox 360 emulator to play xbox games. So far I think they have 215 games working for it. I think you might be able to up date this when the xbox 360 goes on line if they bring out any more for it. Also I have an N64 emulator on here called project 64 which runs very well on my AMD 2600 , ATI 128 MB 9800 PRO and 1 GB of ram PC. But I dont thnk this will run PS2 and Xbox games very good.

Usually the deal is that the system has to have at least twice the specs of the system it is trying to emulate in order to run decent. The XBOX has a 733MHZ processor and 64MB of RAM (I think), so in theory your PC should run it but as mentioned above it simply isn’t practical yet. Would be cheaper and easier to pick up a used system in decent condition. :wink:

Im looking into this site, downloaded the emu. But they say i need to download my own ps2 bios. So i dont have the ether to hook up so am i sol? Does anybody who may have the ps2 bios they can send me?