PS 10 VOBU 4 621 8 Clone 6 TCE

Hi guys,

Have been using Clone DVD for a while now. Recently it has stopped me ripping my movies, this started on Miami Vice and now won’t do it on Pirates Of The Carribbean Dead…

I have AnyDVD as well.

It says something about an invalid block start code.

Is there a way to stop this happening so I can back up my movies again?

Update your AnyDVD version.

Thanks just did this and rebooted my computer but it still says the same thing!

might probably be different macrovision on these films i have just ripped MIAMI VICE in 18 minutes using anydvd latest version plus dvd shrink you might want to run dvd region free/css instead of any dvd as this has always solved the problem for me SILVERSURFER