PS 1 Games

Hi, I heard somewhere there was a way to backup ps1 games and still be able to play them without a mod chip. I have a plexwriter premium burner btw. I looked over the forum but no topics seems to talk 'bout it.

Someone have any idea?


afaik ps1 protection never got broken due to our burners not being able to burn the (atip wobble) wobbly lead in that ps1 cds have… but hell, ps1 mod chips are dead cheap - treat yourself and never worry again… if you want more clarification google up “ps1 atip wobble” i guess

its weird cause I remember reading something about beeing able to copy ps1 game and play without mod chip…

And no, I don’t want a modchip in my ps1, best thing to burn a lens (I repair ps/xbox/gc/etc. so I know what mod chip does to a console)

With very very old versions of the PS1, back when it was called the Sony Playstation (not PS1, the PS2 wasn’t even announced yet) you could hook up a special unit to the parallel port on the back of the unit, and play copied discs without opening up your box, installing a mod chip and voiding your warranty.

But, alas these versions are not sold anymore, thanks to the wonderful engineers at Sony.

Yeah I know, it’s called a GoldFinger. I have the port for that and I think I even have 1 goldfinger at my shop.

hi i just finished playing mgs3 for the 2nd time and i was trying to play mgs1 to clear up some plot issues. both of my mgs1 cds are copied and i have a gameshark version 2.1

i havent used it in forever so i completely forgot what to do. does anyone know? please respond i am eager to play metal gear