hey sukkel
ben je niet goed bij je hoofd ofzow ?
je gaat niet zomaar meteen die shit hier op deze site zetten
lekker bij de hand

die naam van jou die past daar wel lekker bij

Your Retarded Warez Cd’s Crew !
Are you a retard yet ?
Get retarded at:
For all your Warez Cd’s !


Ok, Maybe I was wrong to put his name on the internet… It is deleted now.

But the message will stay, just because I have the right to put any message about experiences with dealers/traders.

I will stop any further actions (I don’t want make a more enemies, BSA is enough)
I hope Speedymaster will take this appologie and will stop his actions aswell.

Prutser (who wants to be smart forever)


bedankt dat je met mij meeleeft!!!