Proxy Server



I know this is a warez bb, but I have quick question regarding MS Proxy Server 2.0 w/ service pack 1 of the proxy server.

I finally got my NT 4 server working with MS Proxy running, however, I can't get my client (Win98) computer to use a cliet ftp program (WS_FTP Pro). I was wondering how/what do I need to configure on either the NT server or on the client to allow the FTP program to work. I think I have to set the proxie setting for th WS_FTP Pro, however, where do I set the settings?

I was able to get the client computer to access the web for WWW (had to set the proxie information for the browser) and Real Audio (I had to set Real Audio to use the HTTP transport setting only).

Lastly, I hear that Win Proxy is better than the MS Proxy Server. Does anyone have the keygen for Winproxy 3.0 R1f? I checked and I could only find the keygen for 3.0 R1d. That keygen didn't work for version R1f.

If not, I also hear that Wingate is pretty good too, does anyone have either a cracked version or a keygen for Wingate? I've checked for a keygen, and didn't find any.