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I just got cable modem access and I’d like to provide internet access to my client computers connect to my NT 4.0 server. I’m going to instally MS Proxy Server 2.0 but I’ve heard there are some buggy things with it. Can anyone recommend any other proxy software that I can use?

I don’t want to use Windows 2000 because I’m trying to learn NT 4.0 right now. I’ve got Win Proxy and I was thinking about trying that as well.

Additionally, I’ve got the latest version of Gauntlet Firewall, but my friend who gave it to me said that it will only work if I run the firewall program on a seperate machine from the NT server. Anyone have a good alternative to the above firewall? I’ve got Blackice Defender and At Guard, but are these any good?

Anyone have Checkpoint or any other firewall software?

Last thing, does anyone have a good program to test network security? My friend had a copy of Cybercops, but he can’t find his copy right now.

If you have any information about the stuff I asked above and you know where I can download the stuff, either post it here or email it me.

If anyone is interest in the Gaunlet Firewall, I’ll put it on my server once I have everything up and running properly.



At guard is good !!
I use it, protects very well
just make sure it’s set up right

GL with your server


I assume that I can setup it up on my server in so that it will work with my win proxy, right?


well, you set it up on the ports you want, so just lett the ports open that your proxy uses, and yes it works, I’m through a proxy too with @guard


I use conseal firewall for my server and network it is a good firewall…

Greetz madmax


Can I download somewhere Conseal Firewall (Full) ??

c u soon