Provision DVR880PR [Flash Possible?]



Well first of all I want to say my Provision DVD-Recorder works perfectly, but I have a problem…

I created a DVD full of MP3’s and because of no reason I’d insert the DVD into my Provision DVD Recorder. Now, with ALL the dvd players I did the same, the DVD Player didn’t recognize the DVD but on the provision it worked!

So… I thought, may it also be possible to insert a DVD full of DivX files and play them. So I did insert the disc and all the .avi files where visible in the “example” window!!! But when I opened it, the screen turned black and the Provision crashed and needed to HARD-RESET else it wouldn’t turn off…

Myself I think it’s because there where no DivX codecs available. But is it possible to flash the Provision so it CAN playback DivX files?

If yes… how?



Welcome to the CD Freaks forum :slight_smile:

If your DVD recorder is capable of playing DivX from CD and can play MP3’s from DVD, there is a very good chance you will be able to play DivX from DVD also. However, it seems like there may have been an issue with the DivX file it initially tried playing.

On the other hand, if your DVD recorder does not offer DivX support at all, I don’t think there will be an update to add such support. So far, I am not aware of any manufacturer offering a firmware update to add DivX suppport to any DVD player or recorder that previously did not have such support. The reason for this is that most players and recorders perform hardware decoding and can only decode what its hardware is capable of handling. Even if the player/recorder performs software MPEG2 decoding, there is a good chance that there would not be enough processing power either to handle MPEG4 (DivX) decoding. Finally, even if it is technically possible to develop a firmware update to add DivX decoding support, chances are that the manufacturers would rather offer a new model offering such support instead, especially since they would have to pay out extra royalties to add MPEG4 (DivX) decoding support to existing players or recorders. :doh: