Proud Parents Post Your Pics here (2004)

I know people hate to see pics of other peoples kids but i’m very proud of my daughter. She’s class president of her 5th grade class and straight A student. :smiley:

How long will it take before Kenny sees this thread? :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s got hundred pics of his little girl. :iagree:

Had to throw one in. On this day he had his first mouthful of grass dirt and a leaf. :slight_smile:

come on kenshin :bigsmile: :wink:

It took about five hours. :sad:

I just couldn´t help it…he´ll be 10 on the 18th of dec.

No pics? :confused:

say hello to my lovely brude,

first of is my eldist louise with her son george
second is alice and pet rabbit brin
finaly is charlie my blue eyed boy

He’s up to something… :slight_smile:

Hm. Let me get a better camera first! :bigsmile:

I’m waiting for the next Samsung phone with 10 million pixel and Auto-Focus and 640*480 video at 30fps and 5x optical zoom and multi-GB HDD and SD/MMC slot and USB 2.0 and 4-inch EL display… :slight_smile: (A bit exaggerated specs but should be in such directions for the next model coming in a few months.) I know some people laugh at such camera phones but there are people to whom even 200 gram is heavy enough already on their shaking hands and so the previous Sony DSC-F717, my wife often nearly dropped on the ground (and never was able to make use of it well because of the weight alone.) The only thing my wife does with daughter outside of the meal time is taking video and pictures of daughter and right after showing them to daughter and since there are two batteries instead of one (as with most dedicated digital cameras) near in the room.

Hm. And also the bandwidth is now 2Mbps instead of multiple 100Mbps. I need to install ftp servers freshly (Windows or Linux before that) at home. :frowning:

I was wondering if she was your wife and why she looked so different in the second picture. :slight_smile:

Congratulations in advance!

My South Korean birthday is Dec 19. (Not the Gregorian birthday, not the Lunar family birthday either so the number is used for legality only.)

No wonder you will kill for her. :stuck_out_tongue: (saw that in the other thread).
What’s 2004 for in the title? Two weeks left.

zevia > I did a search for similar and came up with nothing so just in case there was a similar thread i put the 2004 in the Topic lol You gonna post your kids?

Some more video of my daughter. Taken today.

2004.12.15 Video #0001

2004.12.15 Video #0002

2004.12.15 Video #0003

2004.12.15 Video #0004

Pictures, heavily resized to reduce dimension and file size.

Five more pictures.

Pictures #11 - #15 (No order of any sort, just randomly chosen)

Pictures #16 - #20

w00t, w00t, w00t, pics. :bow: :bow: :iagree:

Kenny, isn’t she demolishing your equipment? :confused:
Kids do that … kinda a nature thingy. :wink: :bigsmile: