Protest about DVDSoon!

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To whom it may concern,

I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms about the actions of the Canadian DVD internet sales company DVDSoon.

Earlier this year DVDSoon got into financial trouble when it lost its main supplier.

Shortly after this, all orders held by the company, orders that had already been bought and paid for, were cancelled.

However, the proceeds were converted to store credit - instead of a refund being issued.

We have been told since then the company that managed the operations of DVDSoon, “9086 - 8316 Québec Inc,” has been closed and DVDSoon is now being run by another company called Canadian Distribution Serices.

However, while DVDSoon continues to trade under its current name, Canadian Distribution Services has refused to honour any credits, refunds, replacements, or loyalty Fidelity iPoints.

In my case, I am owed $xxx.xxCAD.

Any orders still held by the company, unless they are cancelled, will be subject to a further charge - in effect customers will be forced to pay twice for the same item.

This is downright robbery.

And I quote from an email that was sent to DVDSoon clients on December 10, 2005 . . .

“All of the orders presently in the system will be processed on Monday
December 12th. As the credits you presently had were the responsibility
of 9086-8316 Québec Inc they will not be applied towards your pending
orders. If you no longer wish to receive these items please do cancel
your order at your earliest convenience in order to avoid any undesired

Natasha Bonfield
Customer Service Center
Centre De Service à la Clientèle
une division de / a division of Canadian Distribution Services

It is difficult for myself and other clients around the world who have had dealings with DVDSoon to address this matter from afar.

I doubt that I will ever see my money again but I hope that someone, somewhere, can do something, to bring this company to account?

In the meantime, I call upon movie fans around the world to protest in the only way possible and to penalise DVDSoon by taking their business elsewhere.

Thanks for your time,
Yours etc