Protective Layering

I just burned a DVD and I made sure that I handled it very carefully. I looked at the back of the DVD and I noticed there was a little scratch on it. I have no clue how it got there. Do tiny scratches here and there even matter if they aren’t deep? I also looked at a movie I made a copy of a couple days ago and there is all these white dots and little hair on it… am I just seeing all this because the DVD is purple dye and the tiniest things are noticeable? Do these things affect playback at all?

It all depends. I’ve read/played some pretty scratched up, messed up, dvd’s and cd’s. I even have a movie at home that the kids had put three of four pretty deep scratches in. I used a soft cloth and cleaner, and then copied it using DVDSHRINK and DVDCRYPTER, on my Plextor PX 716. There are no noticable problems with the copied movie, and the original also still plays fine. But it all comes down to how bad the scratches are, where they are, and the quality of your reader and how it handles error correction. I’ve also had some cd’s that were so messed up that my LiteOn wouldn’t even recognize them, and used a CDSHARK to clean it, and it worked fine.

Thanks for your reply. But what about what appears to be little particles of… hair? What about little specs on? Is that all normal?

Can’t say as I’ve even seen specs on a Cd or DVD. Sounds like a burn quality or media issue. But it might still play ok. Only way to find out is to test it.

Ah, I just had somebody else look at them and they said it was only dust. Haha, doesn’t everybody get dust on theirs and can’t dust scratch them?