Protections? Is there a way around them?

I currently have a game that was in BIN/Cue format. After burning it to disk the game still asked for the correct cd.
Is there a way around this?

I also have games/programs that I would like to post but how can I create an ISO/BIN/CUE file with the game or program when there is a copy protection on the disk.

Forgive me for sounding stupid but I am new to this and trying to figure all out! I hope I am in the right group asking these questions.

Thanks again!

Buck Wilde

You need a patch or crack…
What game is it for, maybe someone can help you out.

First of all, there R no stupid question; only stupid answers! (as been heard before around here!)

And second, <quote>I hope I am in the right group asking these questions.</quote> U R!!! :smiley:

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Damn Tax, again 4 minutes before me!!! :frowning:

HAHA Thanks Wookie!

What I was getting at is that I hate wasting time downloading and then copying a file that is protected.

Don’t take this post as me being upset or mad at the world, I know this is a chance we all take. I know many of us have ran into this.

To let you know where my frustration come from… I downloaded Carmegeddon in RAR format. After receiving all the files I tested and then extracted the files into a BIN and CUE file. Using Fireburner I burned them to CD. After all this I get a please insert correct CD.

I just want to know is there a way to burn a cd around the copy protection, so to say. This way when I post a game/program the downloader is pretty much granteed a working copy.

Places like gamecopyworld are good after you have installed. But if you can’t install the game/program all is lost.

Thanks to all responses.

Buck Wilde