Protections in DVD-Video

How can I understand what kind of protections are in my DVD-Video?
What is the best software?

There are many forms of different protections on DVD from CSS to the modern German one but more important is what programs are still being updated?

Free; DVD Fab HD Decrypter

$$$: Any of the slysoft products as they are always being updated

Thanks for your help, does DVD fab give me information about DVD protection?
I am looking for program to give me information about DVD-video protection, like A-ray scanner that gives information about CD protection. Is there?

I am looking for something similar - I have 2 movies that I am unable to back up, and I’m trying to determine the protection on them so I can figure out which program to use. So far ANYDVD, Dvdshrink, nor dvdfabHD have worked. This has happened in the past, and I was downloaded a trial of dvdnextcopy, and it worked on all 5 that the other ones wouldnt rip, but the program cost ~$100 so I’d like to find something that would work thats free before I pay for dvdnextcopy…

The dvds that I’m currently having problems with are John Q., and [B]House of 1000 corpses[/B].

I did search the forums, and it seems like people say dvdcrypter (now dvdfab) works for house of 1000 corpses when they had trouble with it, but I couldn’t get it to work on either of my computers. One has the dvdfab platinum trial, and one has the dvdfabHD decrypter latest beta version.

thanks guys!

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AnyDVD will give you a little status window on what has been put on the DVD. Always being updated constantly aswell. Could not recommend it enough!

Anydvd is good, but expensive.
Have you tried Ripit4me, whuch is free.

BTW, be sure you are using the latest version of DvdFab, which also is free.

I was able to get John Q to to backup the complete movie using ripit4me, but house of 1000 corpses is still a no go, no matter what software I try. It seems anydvd doesn’t work right for me though, because no matter what dvd I put in with it loaded, my regular software still shows the disc as being encrypted. (except for house of 1000 corpses which shows up as being unencrypted for all programs I’ve tried)

I have the lateset dvdfab (free edition) and the trial of dvdfab platinum (on a 2nd pc) and neither of them work for this particular movie…I’m tempted to try dvdnextcopy again, because in the past its the only program that would rip a couple of my movies.