ProtectionID 5.0 Final released

ProtectionID 5.0 Final released:bigsmile:

Some already know this, but those who don’t know, know it now:).
That’s what I waited for, read it just a second ago. It’s so nice, thanks cdkiller:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
used this link form FileForums because cdkiller’s site was unavailable

ok, I dunno who made this software. I know it is free and I thank the person who put the effort into it. However, it has caused some major problems in my pc and I would like to remove it. I deleted files and deleted a registry key I found relating to the “Context Menu,” yet I still right click a file and it has option to scan with protectionid. How can I completely remove this from my pc??? It crashes my OS everytime when exiting the software, it never found any protection from either of the 2–BF1942 CD’s. Said no protection on there. I now use CD Protection Detective and it works SUPER perfect. Detected safedisc on BF1942 CD immediately. Someone gimme advice on removing all associations of the ProtectionID???(including registry keys).



Download and run PID from the link in Kalas post, start PID and uncheck the “Context Menu” option then close the program. If it is still not fixed try running the included “UNINSTALL_Shell_context_menu.reg” if you have used an older version of the program.

ok, I have never had an earlier version of this program. Everytime I run it, it crashes when I exit, so I am tired of running it and it locking my pc up. I unchecked context menu, but it is still there when I right click files showing “scan with ProtectionID”. This software sucks. It doesn’t even recognize the protection on the games. It is totally useless and will screw your OS up as well as crash your PC EVERYTIME on exiting the software…not a very ROBUST program. Someone please help me. How do I get a hold of the person who made this program?? Can someone help me with this??

Seems to me your pc has some major problems, not that particular utility which is rock solid.

I had the same problem. The “first” 5.0 final version had a bug that caused your system to crash when you tried to exit. A workaround was to kill the process with Procdump or any similar tool, instead of using the exit button. I guess you’re using Windows 95/98/ME ? Afaik it was a problem that only happened on 9x systems.

After a few days “5.0 final B” was released, and this version fixed this bug. You can find it at

PID is not bad, but i prefer Aray scanner :wink:

Ok, thanks a million, and yes I am running WinME. the new version will fix this crash? Also, does the new version come with an uninstall utility?? I just wanna remove it all; even the context menu, it still shows when right clicking a file. I didn’t think it was “rock solid” as BlackDiamond suggested.

I like the program, the skin sucks big time. Red on Black is one of the most attrocious colour schemes used by programmers. Ten percent of males are colourblind in some form or another. Please consider them in your selection of colours so that people like myself do not have to squint to read the screen.