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Hello everybody,
Since nearly two years I am developing my open source protection scanner BurnOut. It is written in VB.Net so you need at least the MS .Net Framework 1.1.
Perhaps you can have a look at it and give me feedback.

BurnOut at SourceForge

Is there any way to scan individual files with it?

I thought the same as Reefke seems not or I didn’t find the option. I’ll try it these days with some games and report back. Thanks for the link gf7.

yeah in its current state its a scanner for cds/dvds only.
it´s scanning exe files on disc, so why not add file/folder scan in future release :wink:

i´ve also seen your post on another forum were u mentioned it requires the net framework. to detect the most recent pc game copy protections .NET is pain to code with as exe debugging/analysing is very limited (dunno if net uses some sort of inline asm). but nice to see you making the source available. users/coders can perhaps give you some more hints & ideas detection wise.

File scan will be added in next release.
Up to now I had no problems with the .net framework, everything works fine and the code is easy to read. (But perhaps I will port BurnOut one day into C++.)

Did anybody has a look at BurnOut?

sure i scanned some cds i own. works fine on safedisc (BF1942), didn´t test other ones thou, will wait for folder scan because protection can´t be detected on cd/dvd most times.

I also scanned some discs with the following results (found by BrunOut 0.4, [I]found by PID scanning the .exe file or from my memory[/I]):

-madden07 sd4.7, [I]Safedisc 4.7[/I]

-moto gp3 nothing, [I]SecuROM Detected - Version 7.11.0009[/I]

-half life 2 dummy files, [I]SecuROM[/I] if I remember correctly couldn’t be detected on the disc!

-BF2 dummy files, [I]Safedisc 4.50.000 detected [/I]!

-Fifa07 Safedisc 3.2-4 (version remove, [I][!] Safedisc v3.20 - v4.xx or newer [removed version] detected !
[!] removed version is Safedisc v4.60.000[/I]

As itsjustme mentioned most protections can’t be detected on the disc so a folder scan option would be nice.

p.s. I also added your scanner here Copy Protection Identifying Guides (Updated).

Can you please send me the protected files where BurnOut couldn’t find anything (or only dummyfiles)?
gf7mail AT gmail DOT com

then you have to wait a little bit cause the next version will probably be 1.0 and I want it to be stable and trustworthy. (Release will be in 1 month perhaps)

I scanned the .exe files if possible on the discs using PiD when this was not possible because they we’re packed on the disc I scanned them in the install directory.
I didn’t describe this in my post so this was obviously a bad way of describing my comparison. Where burnout found dummy files the .exe file was packed on the disc.

[B]BurnOut-Sourceforge-address changed[/B]

Thanks gf7 link updated in the tutorials.