Protection Reader

In the past I had a program that would read (most of the time) the type of protection that was located on a CD. Unfortunately my hard drive decided it was time to crap out on me AND I had only backed up a few files to CD. I don’t have the program anymore that reads the protections and can’t seem to find it on any site. Anyone please have any ideas where I might obtain this most vital program again? Thanks very much and I do appreciate all the hard work that goes it to making this site and this forum the best on the net.

hope this helps try clonyXL.

ITS VERY GOOD.and it does what it says on the tin…

kewl proggy if I may add that :slight_smile: Better then the old one I used :stuck_out_tongue:
Can recomment it Happy Face :cool:


:slight_smile: Thanks so much for the assistance. As always, this is ONE GREAT board with a bunch of helpful and super people.