Protection ID v6.xx - updates and download link



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Hi Guys…

I’m a newbie here:bow:. Found you looking for help. Protection ID seems to be what I needed. But, if you please, would appreciate a little “insight”.

  1. I found and downloaded v5.2c. Was able to open and run on a disk (to get the info). But I’m stuck after that I’m :confused: How do I apply what I’ve found?

  2. A new v6 is mentioned and shown here. Went to the “official” website, but the only download I could find was v5.2c:sad:. Is v6 at a different location?

Your insight would be appreciated :o…chugbug


Welcome chigbug,

  1. Help can be found here.
  2. From my knowledge version 5.2c is the latest public version. Version 6 which is shown here is still in development so not public until it’s released.


[B]PID v6.0 Public XMAS BETA[/B]

   [B]<CDKiLLER & TippeX>[/B]

after 10 months of development,
we are proud to bring you this xmas gift.
the first public beta of the new v6 :slight_smile:

we tried our hardest to bring you a useful,powerful tool.
since development, this concept has mushroomed into v6
which now has a lot of extra functionality compared to v5.
this is the results of all our hard work… we hope you like it

BUT remember it still is a BETA and can contain bugs
(thou we gave our best to fix them all in this xmas build).

grab it from or use the update function within v5.2c.

(can the thread title be updated to v6.xx by a mod?, thx)


Done :wink:


Just a heads up for the author:

After ignoring Protection_id.exe since forever (at least since April 2007 when I installed 5.2c), Norton AV suddenly started quarantining this .exe as of January 23rd.

Norton says it contains a Trojan Horse and directs to this page:

I downloaded and installed the V6 from your website and got the same response.

It appears that you have been blacklisted!!


Never mind. Downloaded another copy and installed. Everything OK and NAV scans it OK. Sorry for the false alarm: I’m mystified. I’ve hit my system with several different AV, adware and malware scanners and can’t find anything that might have caused this (disclaimer - see my signature).


we do actually check pid against typical anti virus programs before we release a new build to avoid issues such as those above…

however we do not test against norton anti virus, simply because its a piece of shit and raises many false positives on non malware/virused programs… i suggest you ditch norton and use a decent anti virus, you might also find your system is a bit faster…


I need some help please. Is this what I want to download to find out what protection is on the game CD I want to burn? If it is and I download it , then what do I do> Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.


Here is a tutorial how to use pid.


So, once you’ve identified the protection can you defeat it and still copy the DVD? What I mean is can this software do this and what is the process?



This depends on the used protection. When you found out which protection is used take a look at our CD Backup Guides and Tutorials for a method and use the search function if the same protection type or title has already been discussed here.


I downloaded 5.2c and 6.00.
I know McAfee isn’t the best.
After scanning with McAfee, it found
in the v5.2c rar.
It found nothing in v6.00.

Any thoughts?



The 5.2c in my above post was downloaded from PID’s homepage.

I also downloaded ALL versions available on
According to McAfee, 5.2b and 5.2c from that site contained the New trojan.

Someone tell me these are false finds.



5.2c did indeed cause some false positives on some virus scanners
6.0 currently does NOT raise any anti virus warnings…

pid does NOT contain malware/spyware/trojans/antiviruses

and really, you should all upgrade to v6, its better, has a hell of a lot more in it and has a lot more signatures (so higher chance of detection)… v5 is redundant now…

we also make a point of scanning v6 releases using from now on…


[B]faster, more accurate, still better and no more beta - ProtectionID v6.1.3 (build 26th dec 2008)[/B]

download / autoupdate available

check the included helpfile for additions / improvements / bugfixes / detections etc.


Nice, thanks for the info.


Avast Antivirus reports Win32:Pakes-BBX [Trojan] in v 6.13 xmas release :eek:


false positive, it’ll be sorted out in the next build (~1 week or so), im pretty sure its one of the signatures causing it, problem is which one heh, 1 out of 350… needle in a damned haystack