Protection iD 6.4.0 help?



will Protection ID remove Protection from programs download it from the net? i have a free trial need to reset it… i want 2 remove nSPackV3.7(.NET)
i seen updates… added: nspack3.7 also how can this be done???

please help? thank you


No, it looks like Protection ID is a program that identifies the various protection schemes placed on games and applications, but doesn’t remove them. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone with experience using the program will show up.

In any case, we don’t help with resetting trials here. If you like a game or program, buy it.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2544740]In any case, we don’t help with resetting trials here. If you like a game or program, buy it.[/QUOTE]

yes it identifies the protection placed on games… what is the point havin this program if there is not a way to remove the Protection found on it? that would be pointless, even finding the protection on a game & waste of time 4 the people that have made it… HELLO…


You have to know what type of protection you are dealing with before you can remove it. That is the point of the program.

We do help people who want to make copies of software that they [B]own[/B]. We support fair use rights at this site. Resetting a trial is different…you haven’t purchased the software in that case, and you have no rights to using the software beyond the trial.

Please review the rules of the forum regarding copyright protected material before posting again.


Nspack is a .exe compressor, not a copy protection circumvention.

Most people would try and unpack an nspack .exe to debug the .exe file and modify certain items. Depending on the product, this is usually a great violation of its agreemens.

nspack 3.7 seems as old as the year 2007 and still nobody found a good extractor for it. :slight_smile: