Protection Detection - invisible sectors?



Okay… I’m trying to back up a software CD I own. It is a plugin that works with Acrobat 5 on PC. But the disc must be in the drive when you start acro5, to verify that it’s there, then the plugin will work (thru Acro5). If the CD’s not in when Acro5 starts, Acrobat still works, but no plugin.

I’ve tried to detect the protection with Clony XXL (says no protection), and ClonyXL (says it’s an audio CD). But none of the copies I made (with CloneCD or Blindwrite or Fireburner or Nero 5.52) work :confused:

I’ve tried the SafeDisc2 procedures outlined elsewhere here…

Nothing has worked.

Somehow the secret is locked in these details:

When you read the properties the CD says 433MB (with 454,852,608 bytes)…
BUT when I get the disc info in Nero it says:
499MB with 454,852,608 bytes.

Are there 66 mb of audio data tagged on the end that make this disc verify when my attempted copies wont…?

Please help!! I am so worried about scratching my original disc and not having this backed up (It was expensive!!!)



try diskjuggler. it has the ability to read gaps in the cds. just like the old days of Dreamcast backups, it scanned for multiple sessions on the disk and burned accordingly.

I don’t know what else to say


That’s because its an home-made protection.


And How can I backup disc with home made protection?