Protecting DVD!

Hellos guys, I need your help. How ca I protect my dvds?

How can I make an protected,anticopy, dvd? at least for the average user.

Hollywood has been trying to figure that out for YEARS :bigsmile:

There are quite a few companies out there wanting your money. Off course none of them can really help you but they really want your money.

Oh well, like above. It doesn’t happen for you if you want to protect video’s you downloaded and pass on to friends. If you make data discs use winrar and password. I think that makes a data disc pretty protected but not video… Unless you do BluRay … and it’s just for a while :smiley:

There are few software that will do it, but nothing is 100% foolproof.

Just plane jane css encryption should stop the casual user. Anyone that can get past it, can probably get past anything you could put on it.

thx guys. :slight_smile:

What app can do that?

efebo, this is your answer:

I could have sworn that I had seen programs that had claimed to do it but I must have been wrong (they must have been programs that remove it). I tried googleing and didn’t find any thing. Anyway, these are the people that control it but it would seem that a licience costs mega bucks. I’m not sure if there are services that can ad it for you or not.

thx u so much. really

You’re asking that on a forum where people pride themselves on defeating

protected,anticopy, dvd?
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I don’t care what u think. ciao


no offence, but have you maybe used the SEARCH function?
I know that your question is asked often in this forum. :wink:

i did a search with no results :confused: . i mean good ones.

Anyway, it were answered. :wink:

Honestly, I think any simple copy protection you can find will stop some people (the casual user as they are often called). As far as looking for something more advanced that people cannot crack, there is no such thing. I don’t mean this rude at all, but anything that you could possibly do to a dvd can easily be cracked, and most of the people here can do it. The problem is, the dvd has to be compliant to the standards of dvd so that it will play on the average player, and that really cripples what the options are for copy guard. millions of dollars have been spent trying to develop advanced copy protection for dvd (sony arccos, macrovision ripguard etc) and they were easilly beat. In the case of sony, they were trying to protect their own assets, and in the case of macrovision, they are a company that has specialized in copy protection for many years, and they are easilly beaten by the average user. I really dont mean that rude or unhelpfully to your problem either. the fact is, any simple copy protection will stop someone from just poping it in a computer and copying it, but as far as something advanced that can not be beat? the best their is can easilly be beat by the average user here or by anyone that asks for help.

i need something for the average user. help !!