Protecting Copy CD?

How can i protect my CD from being copied?

Keep it in a very safe place and don’t tell anyone where it is. :iagree:

how could i best protect my software?

Same way! You could also buy a safe, or get a safety deposit box. Just remember not to tell anyone where it is! :iagree:

sorry DJmind i am trying prevent my software distributed to be copied by CD burners

I think that you are being told in the nicest way that ultimately that’s not possible.

i think i juz need a way to overburn CD

the purpose is to secure from normal CD burning thats all

could someone help me?

The program you make can easily be copied by anyone who even has little knowledge of how to copy a disk. Think about these big companies like macrovision, which has sold its protections to film makers, only to be un-done by another piece of software. If there was a sure way to stop data from being copied, the big companies would do it. Basically, unless you create a completely unique piece of protection that you only use for your one piece of software, it will be able to be copied.

Yes that should do it for you and you can overburn CD’s using Nero.

If the RIAA and MPAA can’t do what makes you think you can? :confused:

i have users who do not know what Copy Protection is about. As long as CD is protected, we dont care how it is done or so.

Do a search for TZ Copy Protection.

The only way I can think off is to do 3 head spins and point your computer towards pluto that will create the ultimate CP.

This topic is getting old. You protect it, you send it, ill return it un protected. End of story :bigsmile:

A CD no less :rolleyes:

sorry i m newbie about such cd copy protection. my users are all not a smart fellow. juz a basic cd copy protection will do

philamber: how TZ Copy protection works?

See this thread.

looks juicy. however i need to protect a linux based app

sorry for the post again.

i need to protect my CD against any unauthorised copy.

any recommendation?