Protecting burn CDR



Hi guys I wish to protect my CDR after burning so no one can copy it or I say can burn with this copy I have made. What application can do it I tried secureburn but not much help. Thanks.


Try a search on “Freelock” in this forum, that may turn up a few older threads with the same question, perhaps they are helpful to you still.


What you try to achieve will not be possible anyway.
Any protection can be defeated…


At the end of the day, if you can ‘protect’ it then someone can ‘unprotect’ it so let 'em copy it, just make it inconvenient for them to do so.

To protect my own teaching materials (say an .exe, .doc .pdf or .swf etc) I compile it into something like ‘ebook compliler’ or ‘zinc’ which can be set to be opened only via password entered from a self-generated html page, the key to unlocking, in turn, is generated on the user’s machine i.e. on installation, a number is generated on the user’s machine, this number is sent to you and you return the associated password to the user to unlock the docs etc.

Major weakness of this system is, as I said, it can be cracked by anyone with a bit of specialised knowledge but it makes it inconvenient for the cracker in that they have to go through a whole repititious rigmarole before accessing the data on the disk so the effort soon pales.