Protected wma-mp3 converter?

I am getting mixed reviews on softwares used to convert purchased wma’s from places like itunes, walmart, Napster e.t.c, can anyone tell me of a any software or softwares that will convert these purchased protected wma files to mp3 without any problems please?

I haven’t read this entire thread, but there may be something in here that could help.


i don’t know if it will convert, but tunebite should remove the protection then you can use any converter you want.

EDIT: after checking the tunebite site it should do both the cracking and the converting for you…

premium takes care of audio and platinum adds video capabilities as well.

and as i always mention in threads like this: if you dislike DRM don’t buy files that are DRM “protected” it only encourages the companies to produce more DRM files!
(had to add that in there)

Read through most of that thread, conclusion, there isn’t a one-shot converter to do this, my method is still burning to cd and ripping back as mp3, this is the long way so I am looking for a converter that will do it in one step.