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I have a tv card in my pc and recently copied a movie to my pc. When I tried to put it on a dvd to watch it on my regular tv, I discovered that it was “copy protected” and could not be burned to a dvd. Since then I have heard copy protection on tv broadcast movies is quite common. Is there anyway around this?

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This is what you need: Sima GoDVD look for it on guaranteed to work.

I concur this device (Sima -1 or -2 or even -200) is the best to be used with stand alone DVD combo recorder not for pc.

Now you know the [I]real[/I] reason Congress was paid to pass legislation that “required broadcasters” (ha, ha … they and hollywood are the ones who lobbied the law) to switch to digital broadcasting. It sure as hell wasn’t so that all the analogue frequencies would be “freed up” for other uses! The legislation was passed so that broadcasters and hollywood could now include a copy protection scheme in the digital broadcast stream. Thirty years ago “They” tried to stop VCRs from being sold in America … remember? “They” just never [I]could[/I] tollerate the Supreme Court “fair use” decision (1970’s) that VCRs could record anything broadcast and wanted to stop the practice in the digital recording arena.

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I am having difficulty understanding how copying a “TV Broadcast Movie” through a “Computer TV Card” would place some type of “Copy Protection” that would prevent copying to a DVD as the Original Poster (pstudt) describes in posting #1.

Could some informed knowledgeable Forum Member(s) educated me how this scenario happens.


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I’m sure someone who is better at technically specific writing will post. But, to be quick, a digital broadcast is just a stream of data (similar to the data streaming off your movie disk when playing it or when ripping a DVD original to your HDD). A copy protection scheme can be inserted and included in this broadcasted digital data stream.