Protected Quicktime Files

Hi, I have a DVD that is training and I have noticed an interesting form of protection on it. It has typical Folders and files and is working fine if you watch the videos from the DVD. I noticed the protection when I tried to drag the files to my hard drive, they copied over fine. I did this because when I have files on a DVD (training and stuff) I usually want them to play in my own player so I can use the pause button on the keyboard. Also it is more convienient. The breakdown of the DVD goes like this:
Quicktime Movies (the movies I can only access from DVD)
Example files (the files that you use in tutorial)
Quicktime Tutorial Libs (this is the folder that seems to have something to do with the security)

In the Quicktime Tutorial Libs are these files:
Appearance Pak.dll
Internet Encodings.dll

So the problem is that without running from the DVD the quicktime movie will not play. They only seem to play from the application that runs at autorun when the DVD is inserted. I want to know about this because 1 I want to play the .MOV files in my own player. 2 because I think that this type of security feature is cool and interesting, I would like to use it in some of my own projects. If anybody out there has a clue or more about this please let me know.

A similar question was asked about a week ago and the only solution I could offer was to using a screen capture program to record the video playing on your screen. There are freeware tools that can do this, just goggle a bit. Your videos were probably created using Real Studio, and the MB**** files refer to MonkeyBread. Once again, use google. These type of videos don’t use a standard DVD encryption scheme, and as of yet, no one here has posted a simple solution to copying them.

This is the similar thread :

As in it the DVD will only work with the viewer program already on the DVD . At least a screen capture software was all I could find to do this.
It created a .wmv file which I converted with DVDFlick to DVD format.

I´ve seen something like this before too, and successfully copied the DVD using AnyDVD and CloneCD (also copies DVDs but without compression or other trickery).
Recent example: a training DVD appeared to containg 5.6GB, therefore I assumed it would need a DL DVD, but when I started the software to make the copy it only saw around 3.6GB…yet everything is there on the copy.

…again, no guarantee