Protected Music CD /ClonnyXXL/Nero/CloneCD/Alcoholer/Cool Edit Pro

I have an old jazz CD I’m trying to back-up.
ClonyXXL returns one skull.
How can I find out what protection it is and how to get past it?

Nero will burn 5 of the 7 songs.
CloneCD also fails.

Alcoholer tells me that it’s a CDEXTRA CD.
It includes *.mov files and a setup file.

My Work-Around

I used Nero to create a CDEXTRA CD.
I dragged all of the *.mov and data files over.
I dragged songs 1-5 over.

I used Cool Edit Pro to record songs 6 & 7 directly from the CD-RW drive.
I saved them as *.wav files and dragged them over in Nero.
Nero then burned the CD OK.

I sometimes come across CD’s that wont play through Cool Edit Pro in my CD-RW drive.
I have to play them through my home stereo, mix the levels through my cassette deck and patch that leveled line out to my sound card where Cool Edit Pro can record.

Is there a better way?
Is there a way to find out what protections ClonnyXXL found and how to bypass it?


What is the title/artist?

What difference does that make?

It’s a John Coltrane CD.

What burner unit do you have?

Some handle protection schemes better than others, and with different software bundles.

Did you try scanning with A-Ray, its the newest scanner and most up to date?

If you tell me artist/title i could find out which protection this cd have :wink:

John Coltrane – Blue Train

is this the cd?

If this is the cd, protection: Cactus Data Shield 200

I have a TDK 24x10x40X.
The CD is John Coltrane - Blue Train.

I tried A-Ray for something before and it didn’t work.
I’ll see if I still have it and give it a try.

Where can I DL a fresh version of Alcohol?
Someone told me that Alcohol was bought by Nero.
Does that mean Alcohol is built into Nero?

What’s a good mixing prog.
I have two lousey ones that came with my Sound Blaster Live! Platinum.
The ONE that they tell me to use to set the line-in2 isn’t on the CD.
I can’t mix audio. I have to take it direct from the CD-RW drive or play it in my home stereo and set the levels on the tape deck and then port the adjusted music to my sound card.

What do you use to get that info?
How do you get around it?


If you have it, what’s the protection on Miles Davis - Decoy

Thanks again

Velvet Revolver - Contraband ???

Velvet Revolver - Contraband is also CDS 200, Miles Davis isn’t listened…

look here and here

ad link to the german site, “suche starten” means start search
“Interpret” means artist and “Titel” title :wink:

try Feurio or an older version of EAC

start programm
press shift
load cd

Wow! Velvet Revolver AND John Coltrane have the same protection.

I could get all but two songs without any problems and without my work-around on the Coltrane CD.

I could copy the Velvet Revolver CD but it played back all jibberish.

Unfortunatly every drive handles the C2 errors differently, Plextors seem to be able to rip all tracks of CDS200 from my experince and from what I have read. If you want ALL the tracks either buy a plex or send it to someone on here who has one, they’d be happy to help rip it for you.

My Sony Drive and HP Drive (also sony laser) cannot rip Track 01 w/ CDS200 and my old Yamaha drive couldn’t rip track 01 or the last track…but my Plextor 40x rips any CDS200 CD & New Sony Protection based on CDS200.

If you’re in the US I’d be happy to rip them for you or make you un-protected CD-R copies, just PM me. If you’re in Europe I am sure someone else will lend a hand :smiley:

I could try a cheapo burner I picked-up at OM that may be a Liteon.
I also have an old SCSI Phillips 2X burner I could install.

Is there a list anywhere of which burners are better at overcoming specific protections?