Protected MP3s

just out of curiousity, how is it possible to make an mp3 available that is unable to be burned onto a cd, or to be transferred to a portable device. and doesnt that defeat the purpose of it being an mp3?

It needs to be a non-standard MP3 format for that to happen or an expansion of the existing one I guess !

Which again would require special awareness from Burning programs etc. to make it impossible to burn them on CD !
(Which in my experience could easily be bypassed )

Of course … I could make my own MP3 format which didn’t follow the current standard and which would require it’s own player etc.

Since you are bringing this up you must have come across such a MP3 ?

no i read about it on the news section about those paysites. one didnt allow such things if i remember correctly

You could try WMA instead of MP3

But mind you, everything that is protected can be cracked…
So far there is no protection available that cannot be cracked…

If you find one that is uncrackable, I’ll give you a million US dollars in return for your patent…

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So far there is no protection available that cannot be cracked…

what about tages (motoracer 3)

Well, there is always 1 way to beat around the bush:

Let the music (MP3) play. Set your recording source on your audio card to “wave” (by using the Windows mixer).

While playing the song, record the wave signal with a wav-editting program like CoolEdit, Soundforge, Goldwave etc etc. After recording, save or convert the recorded music to MP3. Now it’s free!

I know WMA has a built-in copyright flag. With this flag set to 1, the song can’t be copied. There are programs however that can bring a solution to this problem ;). Otherways, the method as I discribed above always works!

my question wasnt how to get around it since i havent run into it. if i do ill refer back to this. my question was one of how is it possible, is it written into the mp3? how would it know it is being urned or transferred? if this sounds stupid forgive me. its why i posted it in the newbie forum.

As I said it would require a special MP3 format which took all these things into account.

Furthermore it would require a player which would accept these restrictions !

And last it would require a unique ID associated with each player … a bit like the scheme brought on by MediaPlayer … speaking of which … has already been bypassed !