Protected mp3

hello. does anyone know how to take the protection off of a protected mp3? liek if you download somethign from a digital library, sometimes it wont let you put it on a cd, or even on your ipod. does anyone knwo how do alter the file so you can do that?? thanks :slight_smile:

rerecord it via analog

Maybe as Mr B says, with Audacity or something similar (ja?)

how do i do that? is audacity a program that will record somethgin on my computer that is playing on my computer at the same time? is tere a way i can somehow get into et file and change it to not protected??

Depends on the particular protection type, they are all different. Recording is often the simplest way, and the results can be excellent. I use Total Recorder.

I second Total Recorder. Best $12 I spent 3 or 4 years ago. Now $20.
Protected MP3? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

ok. but can i play something on my computer and record it at the same time with the total recorder?? is there a software that will do that???

That’s pretty much what all the recorder programs do.

Total Recorder [I]is[/I] the software. It creates a virtual audio driver that can intercept (and record) the output of any other program that produces audio.