Protected Material?

I recently was trying to open an avi file, with virtualDUBmod, and i got a message saying “not supported: MS owns US patent on the ASF file format, preventing third party applications from extracting data from ASF files. ASF File format support was removed as of V1.3d.”

Ok, so having said all that, can anyone help me so i can decrypt the file and then burn it to dvd …or hell can someone help me so i can watch the movie on my pc? WMP, and real one player says access denied. BTW the file is NOT a pirated anything, so i dont understand why all the security lol.:confused:

There is no security or anything in the file, VirtualDUBMod told you your avi is actually an asf file. Microsift owns the ASF format and VDMod is not licenced to handle M$ asf files, thats all.

Go to download section of and get VirtualDUB ver 1.3c or 1.4c that says it suports ASF files and go from there.

cool thanks C man, =)

hmm, it said the file was longer than it orginally was and may be truncated or corrupt. Chicken man is there any way for me to download something so i can view the file on WMP or something to make sure its exactly what its supposed to be?

Get ASFTools ( and convert the asf to a normal DivX, then assuming you have the DivX codec installed, WMP will play them fine.

thanks c-man, you rock