Protected iso

Hi, I have an ISO protected from a disk that I have rented, it is an UHD, and I made an iso protected with any, now I see that deUHD is available to rip it, but since UHD does not support ISO protected yet, it is possible to use UHD to decipher the disk and rip that ISO with any? can i record the protected ISO on a 100GB disk and rip it with deUHD and copy it with anydvd ?? I do not know very well how this protected ISO issue works

I did all this because at the time there was no way to tear it and I made an ISO copy protected with any for the future, now I do not have the disk, only the protected iso


Sorry, but I don’t condone or support straight up piracy. Can’t help you.


Please do not ask for help to RIP an ISO which is clearly a title you do not own.

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