Protected .EXEs

A bit off topic, but can anyone tell me why the .exe to launch the game is the protected .exe and not the installation .exe?

Does Securom only work if the game is installed first?

The only reason I ask is if it is possible to protect the setup.exe of games this would prevent installation of the game from copies, but would remove the need to have the CD in the drive to play.

This to me would make sense as I wouldn’t need to have a backup so much as I would do a one off install (where it checks for originals or not) and then put the CD away.

I heard a reason for protecting the Game .exe file itself rather than the setup file. If the game could be installed and then run without the CD, it would be possible to copy the directory that the game was installed in to another PC and play it on that machine without it asking for the CD.

Maybe someday, they will start doing something like Windows XP such as checking the CPU serial #, Hard Drive Serial #, etc. to make sure that it’s running on the PC is has been installed on. If they do this, then they could simply protect the setup.exe file and not have to check for the original CD at all when running the game. :slight_smile: