Protected CDs irk consumers

I just posted the article Protected CDs irk consumers.

Well we all know it already, copy protected CD’s suck. Of course we still have the fun of the experience of backing them up, but besides that, they just suck.

The record companies behind them…

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If you can rip SafeAudio, you can rip through ‘Catus Data Shield’ as SafeAudio is the more advanced of the two. All CDS does is hide a frame of bogus CD Data behind a P Subcode value of ‘1’. If you make a straight copy of the CD with out subcodes you copy right through the bad data as typical recorder set the data back to P0, with subcodes you avoid this.

If they keep using these tactics also the average home user will hate the music industry and that could be the end of the industry as it is right now. Well, that’s what I hope I hope it too :slight_smile: