Protected BIN/CUE's ?!



Need help with burning Bin/Cue file with multi sessions...
I have a 700 MB BIN /w Cue & when I try to burn it with Nero it displays two joilet sessions á ~700MB & two audio sessions á 700MB !!!

Then, of course, Nero reports there is not enough space on the CD...theese games I downloaded uses protection safedisc 2 & Securom...

Some games i have downloaded is said to be protected by the above protections but have only one session and they work like a charm burning /w Nero... :confused:

I've tried to use WinISO and extracted the "real" (?) session and burned it, then it displays Insert correct CD or something like that...

I really dont know what to do anymore...hope someone here can help me to solve this mystery....:wink:


It sounds like you have an incorrect cue sheet. I don’t know of securom or safedisk using this TOC protection