Protected audio-cd's, know how to recognize them!

I just posted the article Protected audio-cd’s, know how to recognize them !.

oratonastick used our newssubmit to tell us that he found some CD’s produced by Sony Music that seem to reveal that they are copy protected. This is what he reports:

Recently Sony Music has…

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Has’nt someone sorted out a way to defeat these stupid protections yet? Whats with that Michael Jackson single? Thats protected right? Most of the MP3’s on the file-sharers are radio-rips etc … but there are some which appear to be CD-ripped? Whats all that about?

the cds play on normal cd players right? well then, i’ll just connect my stereo to my comp. easy as that. if i can hear it, i can copy it.

There are 2 known versions of Cactus Data Shield: - 100 (e.g. Loveparade compilation 2001) - 200 (e.g. Right Said Fred - FREDHEAD (BMG)) The both are copyable :p. Ver. 200 you can simply copy by CloneCD 3.0.9.x -> 1:1 copy. :4 <b>to axia</b>: But it won’t be a DIGITAL COPY!

Yeah… I bought a cd with a protection like this and it didn’t play in my pc and it also didn’t in my Hifi DVD player… :frowning:

Well the new MJ cd was just released, I thought this was copy-protected, but it has been ripped the retail version. peace

the MJ single was only protected for the radio distribution. The release wasnt planned for copy protection afaik. Axia: give your hifi->pc mp3s to an audiophile and they will piss themselves laffing

Next protected CD by Cactus Datashield (200) is Viva Hits 14.:frowning: But it´s easy to make a copy:)

Well, if teenagers wan crack 56bit DVD encryption then this should be small fry. C’mon cracker dudes. Dont take one up the back-pipe. :r Axia: Your idea would produce and analogue copy (back to the dark ages). It’s got to be digital, or it’s no deal.