Protected ASX to DivX. Is it possible?



I have some sport videos downloaded from my subscription to a sports site. The files are .ASX and can only be played in Windows Media Player. I remember that at the beginning of the subscription I had to download a licence to Media Player for they to work. Now I like to burn these ones on some cds to play them in my stand alone player. I use Dr DivX 6 to convert almost all my material without problems but these files are protected and until now I have not found a way to do anything with them.
How can I do this? There has to be a way arround this situation. I have payed for this content.
Thank you.



asx is a streaming format. There are some converters available but off hand don’t recall(Google for them). You will find either free/paid stuff(mostly paid) to do the job that you are asking for. But this as anything else you want will take time. The ones I found(all paid - dont know whether they do specifically what you asked for - please check up on your own - reason asx is a rarely used format and most pages dont specify whether the software supports it, but usually if they support asf they should also support asx):;-Decompiler-review-15016.html

Hope this helps.

PS:Dont have the time to check all of the above.Sorry. They all support asf.


Thanks, but it looks like none of these can handle protected ASX. Some say that ASX are just text links but my files are the videos themselves with several MB each.
I am going to have to record this from the screen output then, any good utyl that can record videos from the screen? Thanks!