ProtectCD VOB 5

I have seen a lot of info about this new software, but was all related to how tomake a good copy of your CD. But it doesnt state HOW you can make that copy actually work, cause tahts what my problem is right now. A friend of mine gave a copy of his Port Royale for meto try out, but after installing it it wants the original and does not accept the copy. He told me to check this forum for advice, but I get lost in the amazing amounts of replies. Can anyone help?? To obtain an obscure crack is not really an option, can someone help or does anyone know a good software program with which I can correct this problem myself??

Many thanks in advice

Well, you’re correct in saying that looking for a crack is not really an option since it’s illegal.

Unfortunately, so too is using a copy of your friend’s cd when you don’t have the original so we really can’t help you as this is a warez free forum. :cop:

[Byw, ProtectCD 5 is one of the most difficult protections to deal with in any case and, at present, working copies can only be produced using emulation techniques.]