ProtectCD 5 securom new info!

ok after some more testing and experimenting I have some more new info for you technical guys out there!!
following philambers advice I purchased a liteon163 reader.
conducted philambers tests and have come to the following conclusions!!!
1/ DONT be fooled by clony xxl it often states titles are securom new when in fact they are not!!! turns out clony xxl wrongly diagnoses certain protect cd 5 titles or whatever this newer jowood protection on industry giant 2 is? result loads of coasters .
2/ even using alcohol 120% cannot get reliably the programs to run tried all philambers profiles>>>>>>>>> frustratingly occaisionally will run more often not than doesNOT when mounted!!
If burn to disc NEVER runs no matter what you play them back in
hide cdrw media / dvd cd rom!!!
3/ intrestingly however if original disc then put in drive after instaling from the copy game runs fine ???some how detecting disc???
4/NOW HERES THE BIG QUESTION when reading cd right at the end of the read you get a ( ! unable to read file) just before title finishes!!! IM convinced here lies our problem gentlemen
can any technical folks explain this ???
have seen this on several of the new protect cd / jowood new programs whats this all about???If some one can tell me how I can display and save these logs I will show you all !!
so Ive tried liteon cdrw Ive tried Liteon dvd cd rom on monday my isus burner arrives I will give this a go too as Im told there good
efm writers
ps. got the thing copied fine however cannot touch the following
beach life
industry giant 2
hotel giant
bob the builder builds a park!!! for my kids ! honest!

According to alexnoe in this thread , Hotel Giant is Protect CD 5 so you can forget about copying that one. Beachlife and Bob the Builder, I have no idea about.

Industry Giant II appears to be new securerom new and copiable. See post of PaRaDoX in the same thread (though I note that it’s unclear whether he was referring to version I or II. Still, since alexnoe also states that I is Protect CD 5, I presume it was II.

It’s curious that your images sometimes run from a virtual drive but usually don’t. I’m no technical expert but I would have thought that either the image is good or it isn’t. Perhaps you have some minor system instability.

As for unreadable sectors, when copying The Thing I noted that the third last and second last sectors were bad. I put this down to a manufacturing fault but perhaps it’s deliberate. In any case, it doesn’t affect the copying process unless you have the duper set to abort on read error.

(Actually, all the problems with the latest versions of securerom are part of a vast Aussie conspiracy. :wink: I haven’t encountered any serious problems duping new securerom new protected cds, neither has FutureProof (at least with some of his vast array of readers and writers), nor has PaRaDoX, nor slayerking nor kitnaisnthappy and guess where all of these members come from. No prize. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )