ProtectCD 5 & Alcohol & Plextor 708A works

Hi to everyone,

Today I began to play with my new “Piraten - Herrscher der Karibik” (Protect CD 5) to make a backup of this game.

Puuh. I’m using the Plextor 708A burner. I have also a Toshiba SD-M 1401 (SCSI) and a UltraPLex MAX 40 installed.

So I started with BlindWrite and Autoplay “On”, but the
software stops when “Topology extraction started” begins.

Here’s the log:

********************* Report session closed *********************
13.11.2003 20:34:18 warning Topology extraction failed
13.11.2003 20:34:17 error Topology: Exception Message Operation aborted
13.11.2003 20:34:17 info Topology: x8 Read required, x8 selected
13.11.2003 20:34:17 info Topology extraction started
13.11.2003 20:34:17 info Extraction successful in 03:14
13.11.2003 20:31:04 info Free Space on destination path 2,09 GB
13.11.2003 20:31:04 info Reading CD-ROM Disc [PIRATEN] - Image Size 809 MB
13.11.2003 20:31:04 info Read data with subcodes PW for track 1
13.11.2003 20:31:02 info Reading device : 0:0:0 - PLEXTOR DVDR PX-708A 1.03 [V] (Ide)
13.11.2003 20:31:02 info Extraction started
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info Using Patin-Couffin driver Version 1.16, Internal revision 16
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info Autoplay driver active. Version 4
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info ParamStr 0 = “E:\Blind Write\BW.exe”
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info User default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info System default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info Version
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info Title : BlindWrite
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info ExeName : “E:\Blind Write\BW.exe”
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info OS : Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 (Build 2195)
13.11.2003 20:30:32 info ******************** Report session started ********************

No luck with this software.

Than I deinstalled the proggy and used “Alcohol 120%”

Created an image & mds file and burned it. With the “Alcohol Emulation” the game starts with no problems.

Also if I use the Alcohol image and the Daemon-Tools 3.41 the game starts with no errors.

Is someone able to answer the questions why BW was not able to read the CD and making a working image/CD or do someone knows the ways/steps a make a working backup that works with “No Emulation”?

In any way thanks for this great forum here and may be someone is able to answer my question.


From a Quote by philamber
In this thread.

[Byw, ProtectCD 5 is one of the most difficult protections to deal with in any case and, at present, working copies can only be produced using emulation techniques.]

i thought the game was protected with safedisc 3.1 ???

anyway, you can try to download the tweaker and read the cd at a slower speed (4x is recommended)
or just use the mds made with alcohol use the bwtweaker to add the mds to bw5

I tried Alcohol but while the image worked with RMPS emulation, no burnt cd worked.

I managed to create an image with blindwrite with same results(image worked with RMPS emulation while no burnt cd worked)

Has anyone had any success burning a ProtectCD5 copy?