Protect yourself! **all p2p users**



Protect yourself!!!
New version of PeerGuardian2 came out doesn’t use up your cpu power heh




(yea im a new guy)


It wont let me download it from ANY of the SourceForge mirrors :frowning:


Peer Gaurdian while good doesnt really protect you from the RIAA MPAA as it only blocks known ranges of IPs used by the entertainment indusrty.Peer Gardian is good for blocking spyware and adware ranges.

Your better off with using a new generation p2p like Ants or MUTE to be better protected if you want to share copyrighted material.These clients use encryption ,Hashed IPs and proxy nodes to bounce your data around the network so thier is no direct connections if you dont wish to directly connected.MUTE has been found to contain a few vunerabilitys latley.


Any hints for using ants?


if you got dsl and up use rev connect. :stuck_out_tongue: sorry guys had to.


WOOO HOOOO! Rev Connect!


i dunno


Peer Gaurdian helps protect you from fake files (virus as well), malware (including spyware), and known anti-P2P sites.


Sorry to dig up an old thread but I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that will keep universities from seeing that you’re file sharing. I’ve heard they do LOTS of random checks plus moniter the top ten biggest downloaders or something and the penalties are stiff. So anyway if anyone knows of a way I can safely download stuff at school please let me know.



Yah, I’d like to know aobut this too. Murray State University won’t let me even open LimeWire or BitTorrent! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Now, what happens if my tech class wants us to download somethin’ off of BitTorrent (which the program itself is legal, not the usage of it)?!


try using TCP and UDP ports other than the default ports in your filesharing program’s settings. it may be a restriction as simple as that.


The problem is my school doesn’t just block the programs through a port or something…they actually do random checks. In that case they would see me downloading and notice if there was a lot of files going in and/or out of my computer regardless of the port right? Is there something that can keep them out all together?

Thanks again.




You could limit your maximum number of connections globally, and per torrent, to something small. Something you would see if someone had 4 browser windows open. I would say around 5 maximum connections per torrent, and limit the upload slots as well. If you are serious about avoiding detection, you could sniff around the local network and find out where the logging is being done. Or, impersonate someone else’s MAC on the network (oh that would be nasty eh).


Can someone verify this, is this true? Landstand says it protects against anti-P2P sites, does this not include RIAA & MPAA?


What about 602LAN Suite’s NAT? Does it work well?


Is there anyone on Mute? Checked it out, it didnt find anything when I seached for “it”. I like the idea of ants and mute, are there more sites like this? Is there anything on them? What is rev connect?


Just to spread a little panic. There’s been another major P2P raid and IFPI will send tickets to a lot of people around the world :stuck_out_tongue:


The story says they are mainly targetting uploaders. Just adds proof to the pudding…you can’t be completely anonymous on the web. :sad:


Wow…I may have missed stuff before, but I can’t remember SoulSeek sharers being among those targetted before :eek::eek: